Virgin Atlantic becomes first UK airline to allow cabin crew to show their tattoos 2 months ago

Virgin Atlantic becomes first UK airline to allow cabin crew to show their tattoos

The rule change comes into forced today

Virgin Atlantic has become the first UK airline to allow cabin crew to display their tattoos while operating on their planes.


Announcing the policy change on social media in celebration of International Flight Attendants Day, the flight operator announced that cabin crews on their aircraft can now "show their tattoos with pride" from Wednesday, June 1.


The new rules around acceptable appearance come just a month on from the company's “championing individuality” campaign and will see them become the first major international airline to implement the change.

It is thought that face and neck tattoos will remain banned for now, though the airline will be reviewing the policy at a later date. Moreover, any tattoos featuring swearing, nudity, violence, drugs or alcohol are also off-limits - so too are prison-style love/hate knuckle tattoos and the like, as well as any ink-work considered culturally inappropriate.

Surprisingly, despite the move away from discrimination based on old fashioned traditions surrounding appearance in the service industry and towards inclusivity, many people in the comments still don't agree with the shift.


One commenter even went so far as to say: "Not a very good look at all, another nail in the coffin for that great airline once known as Virgin Atlantic".


Given cabin crews have historically been mostly comprised of women, the industry has long held very strict and outdated rules surrounding etiquette and appearance, with many having labelled it sexist. However, in recent years, that culture has begun to change.

Virgin were also one of the first airlines to eliminate the need for female flight attendants to wear make-up back in 2019, another aspect of the industry that was labelled antiquated and unnecessary.

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