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16th Dec 2021

Viral warning video shows why you should be watering your Christmas tree

Kieran Galpin


‘A dry tree can catch fire and burn faster than newspaper’

A now-viral video has acted as a cautionary tale, showing people why they need to water their Christmas Tree to prevent it from becoming engulfed in flames.

In a video shared to the Youtube channel of the National Fire Protection Association, a solitary Christmas tree stands in the corner of a room clad in the usual Christmas lights and hanging decorations. But moments later, after a single spark from one of the lights, the tree is on fire.

A stop clock to the side of the shot shows that it only took eight seconds for the flames to reach the ceiling, coating the room in fire.

Within thirty seconds, the room is barely visible, the tree a flicking pile of ash and baubles at the back.

A warning reads: “A dry tree can catch fire and burn faster than newspaper.

“From 2010 to 2012 there were an estimated annual average of 200 fires where the Christmas tree was the first thing ignited, resulting in 10 deaths, 20 injuries, and $17 million in property loss.”

The video cuts once again to another tree, this time one that is watered daily. When the fire ignites the tree stays relatively untouched.

Though the video was published in 2015, it has now gone viral.

One comment suggests: “This is also why you might want to ‘save a tree’ and get a nice artificial tree and a can of christmas tree room spray! Save a tree, save your home and maybe save your family!”

“Omg, jeepers how quickly it goes up, jesus you have no chance,” said another.

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