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25th Dec 2015

VIDEOS: People falling off their Christmas hoverboards is brutal but hilarious

Nooruddean Choudry

Is this the most predictable set of events of Christmas 2015?

For many, the most blingiest, fanciest and exciting gift they could hope to give or receive was what is commonly referred to as a ‘hoverboard’. Of course they aren’t the Marty McFly variety, but they’re incredibly popular.

The whole year has been littered with all sorts of rappers, celebrities and footballers rolling about on the two wheeled light-up platforms. When used properly they do look very effortless to control – a sort of casual cruising.

Except it’s clearly not that easy, as many many people found out on Christmas Day. Needless to say there’s a sh*tload of prat falls and bruised arses to follow…