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03rd Apr 2015

Video: This is why you should never poke an anaconda with a stick

what was this guy thinking?


Bears and anacondas are two things you should never poke with a stick. Everybody knows this.

So we’re not quite sure what this joker thought he was doing when he poked a f*cking anaconda with a branch.

Leaning towards the murky water, our foolhardy cameramen cautiously skims the water with his stick.

This doesn’t bother the lurking snake in the slightest, so he ramps things up a notch an pokes the reptile.

In a split ‘I immediately regret this decision’ second the huge viper leaps out of the watery depths, jaws open and ready to bite.

What an idiot. It appears he survived this close call, but we wouldn’t bet on a man this inquisitive making his 100th birthday.