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17th Mar 2016

VIDEO: This baboon had a brilliant reaction to a clever magic trick

Matt Tate

A quick note to any budding magicians out there: if you want a receptive audience to practise in front of, just head to your nearest zoo’s monkey enclosure.

In a clip uploaded to America’s Funniest Home Videos, a little baboon was shown a magic trick through the glass in its pen, and couldn’t hide its excitement when the guy made a card vanish.

Make no mistake, the guy performed the trick with such finesse that anyone would be impressed, but the open-mouthed baboon was absolutely transfixed. It’s brilliant.

This isn’t the first time a monkey has been visibly entertained by magic. At the end of last year, a clip of a disappearing cup trick was a viral sensation due to the hilarious reaction of the monkey watching it.

Somebody need to get these two VIP seats – or swings – at a Dynamo show ASAP.

Featured image credit: jeff_golden/Flickr