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10th Nov 2015

Social experiment on the tube challenges commuters to stand up to harassment (Video)

Two actors test the public


Nobody likes getting on a packed tube, but it can be particularly daunting for women.

As men, we can often be oblivious to some of the problems facing woman every day, which is why this “groping social experiment” is so important in opening our eyes.

The experiment is simple – a man and a woman, both actors, board a train on the London Underground and gauge the public reaction to the all too common sight of sexual harassment on the tube.

The guy starts off by touching her hand, and things quickly escalate from there. Unfortunately, bystanders only intervene when the woman directly asks for assistance from those around her.

Clip via YouTube/Trollstation

If you witness an incident of sexual assault on the tube, you can report it in any tube station or online here.