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08th Nov 2015

Nightclub CCTV captures man failing to kick a football in a spectacular fashion (Video)


Whenever somebody has a few pints in them, that’s when the tall tales come out.

We can all relate to being in the presence of someone who’s had a few beers that will tell stories of their trials with various Premier League clubs and how only injury denied them a professional career.

In the case of this man, he decides to go one stage further when he sees a footballing bouncing in the street outside a Liverpool nightclub.

Seeing it as an opportunity to demonstrate his footballing brilliance, it doesn’t end too well for the man.

And to make matters worse, the incident was picked up on CCTV.

Here is cctv footage of from outside a Liverpool pub. It had to be retrieved after this epic fail of an Dublin lad try to find the sweet spot #epicfail #signhimup

Posted by Peter Tormey on Saturday, 7 November 2015

Cheers to Peter Tormey for sending this our way.