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10th Apr 2015

Video: Man films scary tornado damage from inside a crumpled van

This is a pretty close call...

Josh Howard came within inches of certain death.

The weather across the UK has been brilliant this week, but the same can’t be said for Ashland, Kentucky.

During a severe thunderstorm, Josh Howard filmed this footage from inside a van that had just been destroyed by a fallen tree.

“We are New Destiny Ministries located in Ashland KY,” Josh wrote afterwards. “Our van was destroyed but the lord will bless us with a new (one). God bless everyone and thank you all for the support.”

Well, Jesus may very well have been looking over you, Josh. But we would also offer thanks to the makers of that van, too.

Our church van is destroyed but I am so blessed to be alive. Please share and tell our story out here at New Destiny Ministries. A lot people depended on that church van

Posted by Josh Howard on Thursday, 9 April 2015