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08th Jul 2015

Video: Canadian man flies over Calgary using more than 100 helium balloons


We’ve all jumped off a low wall holding a couple of balloons over our head as kids but this Canadian man took it to a whole new level when he did a real life imitation of Up.

The contraption was created by a Calgary idiot man named Daniel Boria who strapped 110 helium balloons to a lawn chair and flew across the sky in a promotional stunt for his cleaning business.

Yeah, we don’t get the logic to it either.

Fly my pretties

Unfortunately for Boria, he neglected to account for the wind and ended up drifting off course and had to bail from his improvised flying device in mid-flight. Luckily the man had a parachute on hand.

He did receive a nice surprise when he touched down – a trip to the local police station where he was been charged with ‘mischief.’

According to our hotshot young lawyer in the office, under Canadian law, mischief is the charge of “an offence to threaten to cause damage to property you do not own.”

Moral of the story, don’t be an idiot…