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30th Aug 2015

“UK women have big t*ts…but f**ked up teeth” – US cops accidentally record voicemail critiquing women (Audio)



Two cops in Colorado are regretting a sexist discussion that was accidentally recorded on a female reporter’s phone…about her.

On Thursday, Durango Herald journalist Chase Olivarius-McAllister made a routine call to the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office, to follow up on a law enforcement incident.

Sergeant Farnam returned the reporter’s call, and left her a polite voicemail. But then he forgot to hang up and carried on chatting away to a colleague.

After playing around with a pet dog, they started discussing whether Olivarius-McAllister was ‘hot’. After Farnam said his wife hated “that bitch”, he went on to suggest she had an okay body and “giant b**bs”.

The pair then bizarrely suggested that UK women in general had “big t*ts” and it was something to do with fish and chips. Perhaps the British staple is also to blame for their “f**ked up teeth”, as the officers charmingly put it.

Sergeant Farnam went on to bemoan how pale Ms. Olivarius-McAllister was, to which his fellow cop replied: “She’s a limey – it’s a UK thing again. She literally grew up on a f**king island that’s always cloudy.”

Unfortunately for them, the Herald reporter heard every word of the exchange and decided to go public to highlight the offensive behaviour.

Listen for yourself. The sexist discussion starts at around 1min 10secs…