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06th Apr 2016

Turns out ‘Resting Bitch Face’ is universally recognised all over the world


‘Resting Bitch Face’ is a wonderful thing that apparently unites all of us across the globe.

The expression can convey so much in such a short amount of time, and according to Marie Claire, it is interpreted in the same way across different cultures around the world.

A study was conducted by Ohio State University with native speakers of Mandarin Chinese, American Sign Language, English and Spanish. All participants interpreted negative feelings from viewing someone with Resting Bitch Face or what researchers called, the Not Face.

The study was inspired by a theory of Charles Darwin, the evolutionary scientist who believed that conveying aggression was an asset for the continuation of the human species.

The components of Resting Bitch Face included pursed lips, furrowed brows and a raised chin.

The researchers even found that the expression was used to replace words at times, and was interpreted similarly across all of the different linguistic categories.

So now you know, that no matter where in the world you travel to, people will know exactly what you mean when you do this.

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