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11th Aug 2015

Top 10 most expensive countries for a tourist revealed…

Simon Lloyd

Travel, they say, broadens the mind.

If you go to some places, it also leaves you with a massive credit card bill that you’ll do well to pay off within a year.

A list of the top 10 most expensive countries to visit has been compiled by the – wait for it – World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report for 2015. A bit of a mouthful.

Factors such as flight tax, average prices of a hotel room and general living costs were all considered, leaving the list almost entirely made up of European countries.

In order, here’s the most expensive countries to visit in the world, by average international visitor spend:

10. France (£429 per trip)

9. Austria (£520)

8. Denmark (£521)

7. Italy (£591)


6. Sweden (£634)

5. Norway (£770)

4. United Kingdom (£845)


3. Switzerland (£1209)

2. Israel (£1228)


1. Australia (£3145)