Tony Hawk tweets every time someone doesn't recognise him and it's hilarious 3 years ago

Tony Hawk tweets every time someone doesn't recognise him and it's hilarious

Did they never play Pro Skater 3?

We have all been in that awkward situation when you meet an old friend but can't quite remember their name. Well, Tony Hawk has turned into that old friend.


While travelling the world as one of, if not the, greatest skateboarders to have ever lived, 'The Birdman' has discovered that he exists in the celebrity pergatory of being not quite instantly recognisable but also not a total unknown.

Most of Hawk's aggro has arrived while passing through the Transport Security Adminsitration in the United States, making it evident that the TSA officials are more wally than ollie.


To be fair, Hawk, now 50, has been a pro skater for over 35 years with a whole host of skateboarding firsts achieved across an illustrious career including the first-ever competition '900' trick -- two-and-a-half airborne rotations -- at an X Games event in San Francsico in 1999.

And the American's fanbase has grown considerably over the years thanks to the hugely successful gaming franchise under is name, most notably the critically acclaimed Pro Skater series at the turn of the century.


And despite all that, there appears to be a substantial section of society who are at least aware of Tony Hawk, but cannot pick him out from a crowd. Or even while he is staring them right in the face.


So the next time you see Tony Hawk out and about, be sure to let him know that you are one of the select few who can actually realise who he is.