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10th Sep 2016

Tinder’s new feature is very, very creepy

Who fancies being a Tinder wingman?

Alan Loughnane

Well, that’s a bit… weird.

If some of you downloaded the new update for Tinder today, then you may have noticed the addition of a new feature to the dating app.

Have you ever been swiping your evening away in joyous oblivion when you come across a potential match who catches your eye… not for you, but someone you think would be great for your friend?

Of course you haven’t, the only person you’re thinking of is yourself. But Tinder have added an easy way that you can send the link of a profile to one of your friends.

You can just click “Recommend [person’s name] to a friend” and you can send a link of the person’s profile to your friend/colleague/acquaintance/guy you know from the gym that one time .

It works like this. You swipe to the girl/guy in question, do that really knee-jerk judgment thing that everyone on Tinder does, and if, for whatever reason, you think they might be a better suited match to a mate, you ping a message to that person.


We get that Tinder has to evolve to stay interesting, but is it just us, or is this a little bit creepy?


The age of digital wing manning has arrived.

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