Thunderstorm and flood warning across Britain for later this week 1 year ago

Thunderstorm and flood warning across Britain for later this week

Football is coming home to lots of water it seems

A 36-hour weather warning has been released for much of Britain. It is expected that thunderstorms will pummel the area later on in the week.


From the Met Office

The country has been enjoying, and still complaining, about the hot weather we have experienced in recent weeks. Fans are cracked onto full power, and beer gardens are packed with people gagging for an ice-cold pint. But soon enough, those same beer gardens may look more like Venice.


The Met Office has now released a yellow warning for the area from Wednesday to Saturday. As well as Greater Manchester, other locations include Lancashire, Yorkshire, and, well, anything south of Liverpool.

They have also warned that flooding is a serious possibility, with lightning strikes, hail, and wind also contributing to the potential destruction. Floodwaters could cut off people living in small areas, and of course, national and local travel will undoubtedly be affected.

You may want to pack an umbrella and maybe a rubber dingy if you intend to catch the Scotland Vs England game at your local. Power outages could occur as well, so be sure to have the broadcast on your phone ready- you don't want to miss England getting one step closer to bringing it home!