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24th Apr 2016

Three-year-old boy can reel off the name and number of every single player in the Tottenham Hotspur squad

He even knows the coaching staff!

Matt Tate

This boy is going to be the MVP of many a pub quiz team one day.

There’s nothing impressive about an adult being able to name every player at their respective club, but Ryan Went knows the name and number of every Spurs player, and can even pick out the more obscure members of the coaching staff.

May we remind you again that he is three year’s old.

In the remarkable video clip below, Ryan is asked to identify players at random from Tottenham’s 2015/16 squad photo, and he hardly slips up once. Even when asked to name the Assistant Head Coach – Jesús Pérez, in case you were wondering – Ryan reels the name off effortlessly.

He’s so arrogant with his Tottenham trivia that he manages to do most of the name-checking while simultaneously jumping on the spot.

We reckon Mauricio Pochettino would love this level of commitment to detail. Let’s hope this video makes its way to him one day.

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