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14th Jan 2016

This writer found out you can personalise Nutella jars with sweary slogans (pics)


It’s fashionable to personalise and monogram everything.

Golf balls, bags, Nutella, Marmite, basically any of your favourite condiments, all the services are out there.

Rather than going for the name of a loved one, a pet, Irish writer Seamus O’Reilly took it a step further.

Speaking to Mashable, O’Reilly said: “I’ve spent the last two years writing rush hour crushes for the Metro. But either due to me losing the knack or them logging any one of my many, many IPs or email addresses, they stopped biting.

“I was passing Selfridges a few weeks back and saw the Nutella personalisation desk, and I thought I might expend a little of the same energy.”