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12th May 2016

This teacher writes inspirational messages on students’ desks on exam day

Thanks Miss! Maybe you could sit the exam for me too?

Laura Holland

Most of us still have the odd nightmare about sitting school exams.

A teacher in America tried to alleviate some of the stress of her students in a simple but effective way. Mrs Langford, from Woodbury City Public Schools, wrote inspirational messages of support on her student’s desks on their exam day. 

The school shared the pictures on their Facebook pages saying, “To motivate her 5th grade students, Mrs. Langford at Evergreen Avenue prepared inspirational, growth-mindset messages for every one of her students. Each personalized note was written in dry erase marker on students’ desks so they could be cleaned up prior to starting PARRC.”

What a great idea.

teacher 5

Speaking to, she explained why she had done it:

“A lot of my kids were nervous that if they don’t pass this test with good scores they won’t go to the next grade. They feel a lot of anxiety about that. I thought this would be a cute thing for them to walk into.”

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Images via Facebook/Woodbury City Public Schools