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09th Jan 2016

This scientific method of slicing a pizza will confuse and infuriate you (Pic)


Try to remain calm, but you’ve been cutting pizza wrong your whole life.

Sure the triangular slices seem like the best way to get the most out of a circular pizza, but apparently it’s completely and utterly wrong.

According to New Scientist, Joel Haddley and Stephen Worsley of the University of Liverpool have expanded upon a technique known as monohedral disc tiling, which created 12 slices of identically-sized slices to cater for those who like crust with their pizza and those who don’t.


Haddley and Worsley have taken it one step further, creating similar tilings from curved pieces with any odd number of sides – known as five-gons, seven-gons and so on – and then splitting them in half, as shown below.


Haddley says that “mathematically there is no limit whatsoever”, which is the greatest sentence anyone has ever said about pizza…but you’d probably run out of pizza pretty quickly if you tried it beyond 9-gon pieces.

The extent of Haddley’s and Worsley’s experimentation is evident in the diagram below and most importantly, you can see how it extends to an actual pizza.


Anyone else hungry all of a sudden?


All pics via Joel Haddley and New Scientist