This punter racked up a massive bar tab on two drinks after a big win at the races 6 years ago

This punter racked up a massive bar tab on two drinks after a big win at the races

It's payday for a lot of people this week, so you may well find yourself in a pub or club at some stage, progressively throwing financial caution to the wind with every passing round.

We've all been there. You run out of cash, so around 1am you decide it's a great idea to head to the bar to order a rake of shots for all your mates, and pay by card.


The next morning you come round, only to groggily find receipts in your wallet and pockets that make you want to crawl back under the covers and die.

Of course, if you've been gambling beforehand that evening - say, betting on a match, or at the races - and your ship has come in, you're in even more danger of waking up with the bar tab from hell the next morning

Well, spare a thought for the poor creature who won at the Galway Races on Wednesday, and then went to celebrate in The Front Door bar in Galway city.



According to the Independent, the lucky winner - they remain unknown so far, as does the amount they won - celebrated by ordering two glasses of Midleton Pearl Very Rare 30th Anniversary whiskey.

There are just 117 bottles available in the world, and a single measure costs €995 (£840.73).

Anyway, you'll notice that the transaction was made at 1.42am on Thursday morning, indicating that the punter may have been potentially well-oiled at that stage. Sure, wouldn't a rare glass of whiskey seem like a great idea to all of us at that point of the night?

We must also salute barman 'Declan T' for his potential role in the affair - we hope he works on commission. Or at least got a decent tip.

We hope the mysterious whiskey-quaffer comes forward (and buys us a round).

Maybe it's this dude, for whom money is clearly no object?

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