This may be the most devastating and tragic 'friend zone' message ever 2 years ago

This may be the most devastating and tragic 'friend zone' message ever

The dreaded 'friendzone'...

A Facebook message about an elaborate 'non-date' has gone viral for what many are describing as the ultimate 'friendzone'. It features a girl called Alex and her pal by the name of Daniel, and there are throngs of people feeling all sorts of emotions for the latter.

From the message posted by Alex, it seems that her friend who's a boy (rather than boyfriend) pulled out all the stops to provide her with the ultimate date, but it was in no way romantic, not for her at least. A smiley picture of the couple (not in that way) was accompanied by the following comment:

"From Top Golf, to dinner, flowers, ice cream and Horseback riding, you out-did yourself on this friend date Daniel! You wanted to set a standard for how I should be treated and you sure set a high one. I thank God so much that He put an amazing friend like you in my life. Thank you for making me feel like a true princess! #stillsingletho"

The reaction on social media was one of sympathy and empathetic laments, as if Daniel was being taken advantage of in some way. The general sense was 'poor guy is deluded'...

But there has been some harsh and unfair criticism of Alex, as if she was stringing her pal along - despite the fact that she was unambiguous about her feelings for him or their relationship. In fact she couldn't be clearer.

So annoyed by the reaction was Daniel that he penned a frank retort to anyone feeling sorry for him or anger for his mate. It reads:

"This post is to clear up my whole "friend" date. First off, I am the one who set these boundaries to begin with. I am also the one who made up the hashtag as a joke. Leading up to the day, Alex had shared with me her testimony, and because of her past relationships her self worth had diminished. She had never been treated like a lady and I wanted to show her what it was like. So please, stop the harassment. This is the exact opposite of what I wanted to happen. The comments and messages she has been receiving have been nothing but hate. She does not deserve that."

Good on Daniel for having his friend's back.