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20th Feb 2017

This man walked around London asking random women out on a date

An interesting mix of responses

Paul Moore

There are millions of different ways that you can ask someone out on a date but in the modern era era of online communication and dating apps, Tom Greaves didn’t want to meet his next date online.

Rather than download Tinder or create a dating profile, he challenged himself to meet strangers face-to-face.

Granted, we’ve all seen countless videos like this one and they’re usually very creepy because let’s be honest, asking a complete stranger out on a date isn’t exactly a normal thing to do.

What unfolds though in this short film is almost like a strange sociological experiment as Tom happily chats about issues like relationships, communication in the modern era, online dating and the idea of dating itself.

As you would expect, the answers that Tom gets are massively varied. Most of the people have partners, some find the whole interaction to be odd, but the majority were quite happy to have a discussion- no doubt due to Tom’s affable and slightly goofy demeanour.

Given the rather brazen and direct approach on show, one man did take umbrage with Tom’s quest for a date but in the majority, the whole thing went very smoothly.

The comments section on the Omeleto YouTube page are a decent indication of what the public thought about the whole thing. One person remarked that “It bothers me when people come up and ask you out randomly. It’s not because it’s face-to-face, it’s because you literally haven’t said two words to me otherwise”.

On the contrary, another person lauded Tom’s “guts to go out and do this. I give him props for it and I hope he does find someone.”

Does the old-fashioned way work in the modern day? Take a look at this short film and see.