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30th Jun 2017

This is why you shouldn’t use the hotel safe on holiday

You have been warned

Laura Holland

Time to find a new hiding place for your valuables.

Most people will avail of the hotel safe when they are going on holidays and staying in a hotel in order to make sure that their valuables, such as passports or jewellery, are kept safe.

There are two reasons for doing so, one to stop anyone from stealing them and another common reason is to keep them in a secure place so they’ll remember to take them with them when they leave.

It’s the first reason most people go for and the primary function of the safe but YouTuber Brad Reid is warning people to be extra careful when using the safes as there’s a major security flaw with them.

When he was staying in a hotel he forgot his password for the safe in his room. After asking reception for help they simply told him to key in the generic default code which comes with the safe – 000000.

While it’s not clear if this code can be changed by the various hotels that use the safes, there’s a possibility that they will just stick with the code they are given upon installation which makes it very easy for anyone to break into safes if they know this.

Brad’s video is from 2011 but has recently gone viral again.

Watch Brad explain here: