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14th Jun 2017

This is what happens when a vending machine distributes all its items at once

Dreams can come true

Rich Cooper

When it comes to vending machines, the luckiest most of us get is when we find 10p left in the change slot.

“Yes!” we shout. “Ten British pence! I’m rich, rich beyond my wildest dreams!” We are not. We are still slaves to the corporate machine. Ten pence cannot free us from the shackles of work. And so we carry on.

But every so often, there’s a glitch in the matrix. Something goes wrong, a switch is flicked that wasn’t supposed to be flicked, and the benefit is ours to reap.

That’s what happened to Redditor rbards, or at least that’s what rbards witnessed. A vending machine at the Redditor’s work went wrong and instead of distributing a single item, distributed all of them.

Have you ever wondered what that might look like? Then, friend, wonder no more.

This is what that looks like.

Photo: rbards

Hooooo mama. That’s a lot of snacks.

But sadly, as a number of commenters pointed out, the weight of all those dispensed snacks makes it impossible to withdraw any of them.

“This is like a cruel joke,” user nobody_likes_soda points out. “All the snacks you can handle but no way to get them out.”

A single tear falls.