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15th Sep 2016

This is the best way to get rid of bad breath according to a dentist

Please... no more onion breath.

Alan Loughnane

For anyone who struggles with oral hygiene…

There’s nothing more unattractive or off-putting than getting a whiff of someone’s breath, and it resembles the smell you get when you open a container of expired food.

Food that has been sitting there for about six years…


In a recent interview with Business Insider, dentist Dr Ada Cooper spoke of the various ways to avoid persistent bad breath and what exactly could be the source of your problems.

Here are her tips for ensuring that you always have the freshest of breaths.

Brush your teeth at night and after food:

When pieces of food get stuck in your teeth, they inevitably begin to exude a foul odour as they begin to be broken down by bacteria and enzymes. If you have food in your teeth when you sleep, your breath will inevitably be far worse in the morning than if you brushed had your teeth.

But then again, this should have been common knowledge before reading this article… unless you’re a dirty fecker.

Brush your tongue:

One thing a lot of people forget is that bacteria can build up on your tongue as well, especially towards the back of your mouth.


So it’s important to brush your tongue to remove said bacteria… without making yourself sick of course.

Drink water:

One of the biggest causes of pungent smells from your oral cavity is dry mouth. When combined with other things such as coffee, smoking and alcohol it can create a sickly waft on your breath.

So drink loads of water… and don’t get nervous around women (we hear that causes dry mouth as well).

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