This is how common your surname is across the world 6 years ago

This is how common your surname is across the world

Apparently, there is just one person in Kazakhstan with the surname 'Kinsella'. is an incredible database that can tell you everything you need to know about your last name stats. This includes all the incidents of the name, as the well as the name's distribution across countries, and how popular the name is in your own country.


All you need to do is type your name into their search bar.

The index can also tell you how common your name is worldwide (Kinsella, for example, is the 25,696th most common surname in the world).

According to Forebears, Smith is the most common surname in England - with one in every 136 of us having the name (395,915).


It's also Scotland's most common surname, followed by Brown and Wilson.

It's only the 117th most common surname in the world though - and America has most Smiths with 2,552,459 of them.

Jones is the 207th most common surname in the world with 2.3m people bearing the name.

Wales unsurprisingly has the highest density of the surname. But American tops the list with 1,455,165 Joneses, followed by England (262,805) and Australia (95,808).


Kelly, Smyth and Campbell are top in Northern Ireland and Murphy is the most common surname in the Republic of Ireland - but there are more Murphys in the USA and the UK.

And so, the most popular surname on the planet is....... Wang. One in every 18 people in China bears the surname. There are 76 million Wangs there alone.


If you're curious about what your name is getting up to when you're not around or you want to connect with the only person called O'Brien living in Rwanda, then Forebears is a website where you can waste hours.