This is easily the best story about a red school locker that you'll ever read 5 years ago

This is easily the best story about a red school locker that you'll ever read

Have you ever sat there and thought to yourself, "It's about time that a bog-standard school locker became a viral internet sensation?"

Well, that day has arrived. Students of the NAD School of Computing in Montreal, Canada, had been moving a single red locker around the school for the whole semester, because that's just what geniuses do in their spare time.


Pictures of the well-travelled locker appeared on a Tumblr page discovered by BuzzFeed News .

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 08.49.18


This one was surely a two-man job.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 08.52.46


A 20-year-old student at the school named Florence told BuzzFeed that the locker would generally appear in the back of a classroom or next to the exit, but its placement became gradually weirder, and when that second picture appeared, "shit went downhill".

The school's principal reportedly wrote a strong-worded message on their private Facebook page, warning that the locker could end up hurting someone. He told them to start acting their age, and where once upon a time discipline-resistant students might have responded to this with swear words, we all know that millennials have a much better weapon at their disposal: memes.

shia locker


So many memes.




star wars





hurt locker

j park


lion king




There were apparently more than a hundred photoshopped images of the locker, so many that they didn't all make it to Tumblr.

The locker even made it to the students' end-of-semester party, and it obviously rocked up in feather boa.

boa locker

And NAD provided one more photo - a group shot of the locker and all the people that made it famous.

group shot

By all means, if you know a more accomplished locker than this one, let us know immediately by emailing [email protected], or message us on Facebook.

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