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10th May 2016

This guy photoshopped a sloth into his friend’s online dating pictures

What mates are for.

Ellen Tannam

Online dating can be a stressful business.

How do you present yourself in the best way possible in order to impress potential hookups/loves of your life?

Do you dare slightly alter pictures to make yourself appear more tanned, toned and generally hot?

Do you do a bit of lying about your hobbies, just like on your CV?

One man enlisted the help of his friend to choose the photos to go on his profile, and the mastermind decided to do something beautiful.

He added tiny images of sloths into each photograph, like the sly genius that he is.JUXf1pd icyjYQm


The (admittedly evil) poster then shared the pictures to Reddit, confessing that his friend and any dates he’s been on have not picked up on the subtle prank.

We love this man.

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