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14th Feb 2018

This app will tell you the expiry date on your current relationship

Go on then...give it a go

Denise Curtin

Black Mirror came back on the scene with a bang at the end of last year.

Releasing a string of new episodes that feet like mini movies and ultimately left us creeped out, wondering “is this the future?… Because if so we are f**ked”.

The show has a way of mashing our love of technology and our dependency on it, with some seriously bad outcomes that leave you shook and scared for 2040.

And in one of the most recent episodes “Hang The DJ” – the episode is based in a walled-off system, where people enter the system single in the hopes of finding “the one”, once they enter they are given a digital companion, Coach, which puts them into trial romantic relationships with others. Coach dictates how long partners can spend together, collects their data, and helps them find their “ultimate compatible other”. When the couples are paired off, they check their device together and it tells them how long they will be in a relationship for. It could be anything from 12 hours to 70 years.

And now Coach is here. Available on your phone and desktop, you and your partner can find out how long you are destined to be together.

This could honestly make or break Valentine’s Day TBH.

If you think you are willing to give it a go, click here then copy the link and send it to your partner. It only works once you two have both clicked the link and then you have five minutes to find out whether or not you are destined to be together.

In case things go belly up, just remember it’s all only for a bit of fun… or is it?