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22nd Jun 2017

This app allows you to check how much you should tip your waiter in different countries

Handy if you're confused about tipping.

Darragh Berry

A tip for tipping.

We’ve all been in this position at some stage in our lives. You’re absolutely delighted with the food and the service in the place and you want to leave a tip.

You don’t want to tip too little because you want to show them that you’re more than satisfied with everything but you don’t want to tip a ridiculous amount either.

Well, you won’t be left scratching your head anymore wondering how much to give because GoCompare has created an interactive guide to gratuity in 49 countries around the world.

The interactive map on the site makes it easy to navigate your way to the country you want to see and by clicking on the country, you are able to find information about tipping.

For example, in the UK and Ireland, if no service charge is included in the bill, GoCompare advises you to tip 10%-12.5% of the bill, based on the quality of service.

The rule of thumb in Germany is to add 5-10% with a full euro amount and they also tip their taxi driver by the same amount also while in France, you can leave €1 for every €20 spent but it is common courtesy to tip the taxi driver by 10%.

GoCompare has even included a few tips on how to say, and pronounce, ‘thank you’ in each country’s native language as well as tips for tipping in bars and taxis.