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03rd Nov 2017

This Airbnb is made entirely out of 25 million bricks of LEGO

And you could stay there for free

Orlaith Condon

Just don’t go in with your shoes off.

What’s been the nicest Airbnb you’ve ever stayed in? Whatever your answer, we’re sure the place wasn’t made entirely out of Lego.

And if it was, whatever, stop bragging about it, you’ve been to cooler Airbnb’s than us, get over it. Chances are you probably haven’t though, because this Airbnb has only just become a thing and it looks absolutely incredible.

Even though you probably wouldn’t want to go in with your shoes off. Or with the intention of getting comfortable somewhere for a bit.

To create this wonderful abode comprised of a mere 25 million Lego bricks, Airbnb teamed up with the Lego House in Denmark.

There are Lego chairs, Lego tables, Lego plush animals, a pool filled with Lego, a mattress thankfully not made of Lego, a Lego kettle, and a TV made from (you guessed it) Lego.

So, how much would one night in this beauty cost? Nothing, actually, because Airbnb are planning on letting one family stay there for a night for free.

They’ll even give you access to a Lego machine just in case there wasn’t enough Lego in the house already. Oh, and there’ll be mandatory Lego slippers available too. Thankfully.

You can apply to spend the night for free in the Lego Airbnb here.