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11th Nov 2015

This act of kindness to a homeless man has gone viral

Simon Lloyd

The tale of how a bus driver helped a homeless man had gone viral, earning him status as a local hero.

A passenger on board Paul Doyle’s Translink bus in Northern Ireland was so moved by his gesture that they shared the story on the company’s Facebook page.

Since then, the post has gone viral.

While driving in bad weather, Mr. Doyle spotted the homeless man by the side of the road without any warm clothes on.

He stopped his bus and gave the man his coat and a bag containing milk and bread along with five pounds.

And as is often the case with people that are called heroes, it appears that he doesn’t quite know what the fuss is all about.

Unite union spokesman Michael Dornan said:

“Paul is very humble. He’s sort of embarrassed. He never intended anything like that. He didn’t want any thanks. That’s the type of person he is.”