21 toys that made being a kid almost bearable 6 years ago

21 toys that made being a kid almost bearable

If there's one thing that defines the childhood of any man, it's grossly overpriced, single-purpose pieces of plastic: toys.



Back when we were young and still had some imagination and/or enthusiasm for life, toys were our way out of boredom and into other worlds. Then when we inevitably broke them, they were our way into endless pits of utter despair.

Still, they gave us happy memories while they lasted.

1. Darth Maul's lightsaber



Photo: @kings_taken

Episode 1 was a six pack of wank, but Darth Maul and his double-ended lightsaber were the coolest things to come out of 1999.

2. Spider-Man Web Shooter



Photo: ldarnall74

It may have been a glorified can of silly string, but that didn't stop you nagging your parents for one.

3. Mighty Max play sets



Photo: @ItemSplendid

Polly Pocket for the girls, Mighty Max for the lads. Isn't gendering brilliant? Your answer will determine which century you belong in.

4. Batman Forever Batmobile


Photo: cousinsgold2011

Any Batmobile is a good Batmobile, but the Batman Forever Batmobile is the crème de la crème.

5. Power Rangers Megazord


Photo: @PowerSentai

There is literally nothing cooler than this. You could distill the pure essence of cool into a fresh new cologne and spray it all over Idris Elba, and it still wouldn't be as cool.

6. Snakeboard


Photo: an86carrera

Snakeboard: it's a skateboard for people who don't want to learn how to skateboard.

7. Hot Wheels Loop Track


Photo: @derekborders

Endless loops, endless fun.

8. Stretch Armstrong


Photo: @aneesas_ne1

Fun fact: no one actually knows how far you can stretch a Stretch Armstrong. An investigation was launched in 2001, but the two scientists responsible haven't been seen since.

9. Tracy Island play set


Photo: @ZoeVicarage

If this wasn't top of your Christmas list for at least 10 consecutive years, what was wrong with you?

10. Nerf Vortex ball


Photo: @EricC1717

Like throwing, but better. And screamier.

11. Razor Micro Scooter


Photo: Wikimedia

The original and best. Forget these new fangled three wheel dealies, this was the shit.

12. WWF Wrestling toys

Untitled design (4)

Photo: @clintonCedri / @markov2105

Rather than powerbombing your brother through the coffee table, your parents wisely decided to let you try it out on figurines of The Rock and Stone Cold instead.

13. Tech Deck


Photo: @hansrudolph32

The bane of every school teacher in the early '00s.

14. VTech 'computers'


Photo: @veridialtulio

Then actual computers came along and basically ruined VTech.

15. Beyblades


Photo: @kaleisutherland

Ignore the fact that you got bored with Beyblades after two battles, and instead convince yourself that you played with them for hours on end.

16. Pokédex


Photo: @HassleHurf

Pokémon Go before Pokémon Go was even a thing.

17. Screwball Scramble


Photo: @80s_Kidz

You've definitely thought about this game but couldn't remember the name of it. You are welcome.

18. K'nex


Photo: @katliak

There was always a kid at school who claimed they were some kind of regional K'nex champion. Oh, that was you? My apologies, Your Grace. We didn't realise we were in such illustrious company.

19. Yomega X-brain yo-yo


Photo: @StewieMcQ

This was the only yo-yo that mattered. Your yo-yo might have had a brain, but did it have an x-brain? No, I can't explain the difference. No, you're ugly.

20. Cap guns


Photo: @antiqueleaketc

Sometimes the oldest forms of entertainment are the best. Pretending to kill each other will always be popular, no matter how many iPads you chuck at us.

21. Scalextric


Photo: @PeugeotThree0

There were two kinds of Scalextrics racers: the people who squeeze the trigger as hard as they can until the car falls off, and liars.