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17th Feb 2016

These are officially the ten vainest countries in the world

Conor Heneghan

Don’t worry, we’re not one of them.

Go to a gym often enough these days and you’ll come across people who spend their entire time in front of the mirror, doing precious little actual exercise.

Despite that and despite all of us knowing someone who likes to spend more time looking at themselves that can be considered healthy, it seems we’re well down the list of the vainest countries in the world.

Market research company GfK surveyed 27,000 people in 22 countries in an attempt to determine which one was the most vain, taking into account the amount of time people spent bathing, doing their hair and make-up and getting dressed on a weekly basis.

It may or may not come as a surprise that those handsome devils in Italy came out on top, with Italian women spending 6.2 hours a week on how they look and Italian men spending five hours doing likewise.

Argentina was next followed by the USA, while there are six European countries in the top ten, with French people ranking highest in fourth and the United Kingdom (where men spend 3.7 hours a week on grooming and women 5.4 hours a week) coming in in tenth place.

Top ten vainest countries in the world

1) Italy

2) Argentina

3) USA

4) France

5) Czech Republic

6) Germany

7) Spain

8) Hong Kong

9) Poland

10) United Kingdom