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21st Dec 2016

Is your job on the list of the ten most endangered jobs of 2016?

It's not been a good year for these professions.

Conor Heneghan

Is your profession on the list?

We hate to be the cause of concern about your future in the run-up to Christmas, so apologies in advance to anyone whose livelihood is intrinsically linked with any of the professions included in the list below.

The list, the 10 most endangered jobs of 2016, was put together by career website, which tracked the professions that have felt the squeeze of market changes in recent years and face unfavourable hiring forecasts for the years to come.


It should be pointed out at this juncture that it is a very American-centric report, but most of the professions included in the list, and their fate in the future, could legitimately be applied on a universal basis.

Further and more detailed explanation for the inclusion of the below careers on the list can be found on here, but for now, here are the professions they believe are most under threat.

10 most endangered jobs

Mail carrier

Typist/word processor

Meter reader



Insurance underwriter



Newspaper reporter

Computer programmer