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22nd Dec 2016

These are the most annoying office personalities

We all know at least one of these.

Alan Loughnane

Recognise any of these?

The chances are that many of you will have used your Christmas party to tell it like it is about a few of your co-workers.


OK, there’s a few little things that can get under our skins sometimes, but we’re not alone. In a new survey by office suppliers, Viking, they investigated the most irritating personalities present in the office.

It turns out “the complainer” is the most annoying personality a person in an office can have. We all know the colleague who can’t keep their thoughts to themselves, complains and gossips and can create a bad atmosphere with their attitude.

So how do people deal with this kind of person in their office? The majority choose to take the higher ground and continue with their work, with 15% choosing to ignore the issue completely.

The Viking survey also asked workers to identify the most annoying trait in a colleague, which highlighted the following:

1.     Poor personal hygiene
2.     Speaking too loudly on the phone
3.     Foul language
4.     People who don’t listen
5.     Gossipers
6.     Lateness
7.     Noisy eaters

In short, wash and don’t be annoying, and everything should work out alright…