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11th Apr 2017

These are the fashion crimes women describe as an instant turn-off

Take note, lads

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Take note, lads.

Men wearing socks and sandals is considered the very worst fashion faux pas among Irish women.

The sock/sandal combo is closely followed by the infamous ‘mun’ (aka the man bun) and the ‘too tight’ t-shirt when it comes to crimes against style.

According to an Irish survey by the delightfully named Mycosan Fungal Nail, 58% of men and women agree that fungal toenails are a huge turn-off, with body odour (78%) and bad breath (71%) also topping the poll.

A further 28% said they would strongly consider not dating someone if they found out they had a fungal nail, which is a little harsh perhaps, but understandable all the same.

Nearly a quarter (23%) of all adults surveyed claimed that well-groomed feet are imperative in a potential partner.

The survey also found that Jamie Dornan (28%) topped the pole as the celebrity Irish females would most like to play footsie with, ahead of Tom Hardy (23%) and Ryan Gosling (14%). With Irish males choosing Amy Huberman (18%) followed closely by Katy Perry (16%) and Emma Stone (15%).

With Irish males choosing Irish actress Amy Huberman (18%) followed closely by Katy Perry (16%) and Emma Stone (15%).