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20th Apr 2017

These are the best and worst broadband providers, according to Which? survey

How does yours compare?

Rich Cooper

It doesn’t seem like so long ago that we were using dial-up to connect to the internet.

Actually it was the best part of 15 years ago, but for people of a certain age, that bleepy-bloopy sound will still be ringing in their ears.

But forget all that, because we’re on broadband now, and even though it’s 2017, some people are still dealing with shitty internet and shitty internet service providers.

A new survey by Which? has revealed which are the 12 best and worst companies for broadband in the UK based on customer satisfaction, and both TalkTalk and BT scored the worst.

They scored 38% and 45% for customer satisfaction respectively, with Sky (48%) and EE (49%) filling out the bottom four.

According to the Which? survey, only 26% of TalkTalk customers found the technical support to be good or excellent, with 18% believing it to be poor or very poor.

Lesser-known broadband providers Zen Internet and Utility Warehouse came top with 86% and 81% customer scores.

The top three, including John Lewis Broadband in third place, were the only providers where at least 50% of their customers thought their customer service was excellent.

Check out the Which? report to find out more.

The 12 UK broadband providers ranked by customer satisfaction according to the Which? survey:

Zen Internet – 86%
Utility Warehouse – 81%
John Lewis Broadband – 68%
SSE – 66%
Plusnet – 65%
Virgin Media – 52%
Vodafone – 50%
Sky – 49%
EE Broadband – 48%
Post Office – 48%
BT – 45%
TalkTalk – 38%