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18th Dec 2016

These are, apparently, the top 10 signs that your partner is cheating on you

As revealed by the cheaters themselves

Tony Cuddihy

Out of the mouths of the cheaters themselves.

If you want to find out how somebody can hide the fact that they’re cheating on their partner, the best thing you can do is go to the source of much of that cheating.

The website Victoria Milan is marketed as ‘the world’s #1 site for extra-marital affairs,’ and they recently polled their users to find out the tell-tale signs of somebody who’s doing the dirt.

Now, some of these are fairly obvious (could lipstick on a collar be any more clichéd?), but they’re interesting nevertheless.

  • Being extra careful with their privacy (mobile phone, email)
  • Keeping distance from their partner and avoiding eye contact
  • Looking too good: well-dressed and extra-worried about their appearance
  • Not behaving naturally: not being concerned about family matters, being focused on other things
  • Showering at strange hours or putting clothes directly in the laundry
  • Forgetting their alibi and mixing their stories up
  • Being extra loving and kind because they feel guilty
  • Having lipstick marks or perfume on their clothes
  • Going to bed right away and making excuses to not have sex
  • Keeping bills or invoices of dates

Of course, we’d love to know who keeps bills or invoices of the dates they shouldn’t be having, but there are a lot of strange people out there.

And putting clothes directly in the laundry is just good housekeeping.

People are animals.

via indy100

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