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04th Apr 2017

Have you noticed that new icon on Facebook? Here’s what it does…


Alan Loughnane

What do you think of this?

Over the past few weeks, some users of the Facebook app have noticed a new icon appearing on their feed.

The new icon is featured just to the right of the newsfeed icon on the app, and selecting it will give you a different kind of newsfeed, a newsfeed which displays popular posts from people you aren’t friends with and pages you haven’t liked.

The move is similar to a feature already on Instagram in the Explorer Tab, which also allows you to see posts from people you don’t follow, and when you consider that Instagram is owned by Facebook, it’s not hugely surprising that it’s being introduced.

According to Mashable, users in Croatia have noticed the function on their app and some users in the UK have started to see the feature pop up on their apps.

Just last week, Facebook rolled out a new feature similar to one already in use by Snapchat, because originality is dead in the world.

The feature, called Direct,  is “designed for sharing individual photos and videos with specific friends for a limited time”.

When you send a photo or video via Direct, your friends will be able to view it once and replay it or write a reply,” reads a release on Facebook’s Newsroom page.

“Once the conversation on the photo or video ends, the content is no longer visible in Direct.”