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04th Feb 2016

There’s a new WhatsApp scam doing the rounds – here’s how to avoid it

Tom Victor

As scams get more sophisticated, we’ve got to be more vigilant if we want to dodge the bait.

The latest WhatsApp scam – which sees scammers send you dodgy links which look like they’re coming from your friends – is a prime example.

According to BT, the links will show up as part of a regular conversation with a friend, and take you to a discount page which asks for your personal details.

If you fall into the trap and click through for supposed discount vouchers, your phone will be infected with Malware, allowing the scammers to get hold of sensitive information.

While you should always be careful about clicking on links sent via WhatsApp, there are a few more red flags you should look out for. These include:

  • Instructions to forward a message
  • Suggestions that your account could be suspended if you don’t forward a message
  • Promises of a reward if you click through

Each of these are common in scam messages, so it can pay to be extra careful – even if it looks like the message has come from one of your friends.