There's a 50ft tall graffiti in Sweden that is straight out of Superbad 4 years ago

There's a 50ft tall graffiti in Sweden that is straight out of Superbad

How could anyone think sticking a five-storey tall blue penis on the side of a building is a bad idea?

Art is a funny thing. It comes in many shapes and forms like The Sopranos, for instance. That's art. Obviously Michelangelo's David is art. Lebron James passing a basketball is art. Peter Crouch breaking out into the robot dance after scoring a back-post header? Yeah, you bet that's art.


Is painting a 50 foot tall blue penis, in ridiculously veiny detail, therefore art?

The residents of Stockholm don't think so, probably because they have to walk past it every day and see it towering over them like a new master race of enormous sex toys come to life most horrifying alien invasion you could possibly ever imagine.


I mean, look at that thing. That can't be doing much good, any good at all, for the psychological state of the poor chap you can see who has just completely stopped underneath it in awe and confusion, wondering how exactly all the twists and turns in the subtle fabric of his life had led him to this exact moment, standing at the foot of his new god.

The work is by artist Carolina Falkholt and not, as previously suspected, Seth from Superbad, the owner of the most extensive sketchbook of graphic penis art the world has ever seen.

The company that owns the block only noticed the gigantic penis on the side of their building on Wednesday, as though it had just somehow sprung up over night, and they will leave it up for a short time presumably so all the people who have always dreamt of standing face to face with a dildo the literal size of a house can do so before they die.


Falkholt has a past history of this sort of thing, painting a relatively tame smaller pink version in Manhattan's Lower East Side in December. It was quickly painted over.

She was hoping, however, that her difficult second album concerning much bigger, bluer genitalia, will be better received in her native country of Sweden.


“I think perhaps it will be allowed to remain here, people will get the message and let it take its place in the debate. I think there’s more intellectual space to discuss the subject, in a nuanced way", the artist said.

The piece is entitled 'Fuck the World', which is, yeah, very clever if you are a 16 year old boy governed entirely by your fluctuating levels of testosterone, and is rumoured to be taken down soon.

You better be quick then, especially if did fancy checking it out and taking a selfie and captioning it with "Not to scale LOL" with a laughing crying face and several aubergine emojis to, you know, take your own place in the grand debate and all that intellectual space. You better hurry.