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11th Jan 2018

The Wright Stuff targeted by prank caller who repeatedly phones in to say “Sharon Goodman is a b***h”

Matthew Wright warned the show could be taken off the air


The Wright Stuff could be taken off air. Nice one Sharon Goodman (or ‘Goodmaid’ – nobody seems quite sure).

The Channel 5 show was targeted twice in a matter of seconds by a prank caller on Wednesday, eager to make clear to viewers and its host Matthew Wright that Sharon Goodman – whoever she is – is a “bitch”.

First, a man named ‘Gary’ called the show, seemingly to discuss the topic of smacking children. However, shortly after beginning to make his point, he veered off away from the subject, saying: “When you were saying about the freedom of speech thing, I still say that Sharron Goodman is a bitch.”

Clearly, Wright was shocked by this. Having swiftly ended the call he explained to viewers that ‘Gary’ was a “regular abuser of the show”.

“I can only apologise once again for the language he used and any offence caused we are doing our very best to ensure this man does not get back on the line, he’s cheated us once again,” he added.

Unfortunately, their very best simply wasn’t enough. The very next caller, ‘Tom from Buckinghamshire’, also took issue with Sharon Goodman.

The incident made its way on to Twitter, clocking up thousands of retweets.

It also appears the caller struck again minutes later, this time pretending to be someone called ‘James’.

“If you carry on like this you’re going to have me taken off air which would be a great tragedy for the hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy this show,” Wright warned.

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