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18th Jul 2018

The ultimate festival survival guide

Everything you need to know before you head off to a festival this summer

Reuben Pinder

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Festival season is upon us. As we have been blessed by a summer heatwave, many of you will be cramming as much beer into the trunk of your car as you can, before driving to fields in the middle of nowhere to enjoy four days of living in absolute filth.

Spending a weekend at a music festival with your mates is truly one of the best things you can do when the sun is shining down. It is where some of the best summer memories are made and strong friendships too. But they can easily be ruined by a lack of preparation. So, as a seasoned veteran, I am here to tell you everything you need to know in order to avoid any catastrophes.

Although I won’t be held responsible if your mate gets stuck in a portaloo. That will be their fault.


It might seem obvious, but wellies are essential. Even in this heat, going to a festival welly-less is not a risk you want to take. Don’t cheap out either, you’re going to be spending a lot of time wearing these and potentially moshing in them, so get some good ones.


Always go for a tent with two skins, as opposed to a pop-up. The former will take longer to put up, take down, and is generally less convenient for packing, but pop-up tents might as well be made out of suede. You might get away with a pop-up in good weather, but if there is the slightest chance of rain – which in Britain, let’s face it, there always is – then don’t risk getting all your possessions wet for the sake of half an hour’s work. Put your tents up together as a team and you’ll be golden.


Bring a chair! You’re going for the music, but you’d be surprised at how much time you spend sitting down drinking warm cider. Believe me, it’s much more enjoyable in the comfort of a camping chair than on a bin liner on the floor.


If you’re only going as a pair or a trio, this may not be necessary, but for groups of six or more, a gazebo will enhance your experience in many ways. When you’re searching for your tents in the dark on your way back from the final set it will help you find your camp. When the sun is blasting down, it’ll prevent you from getting quite so sunburnt. And when the rain is pouring down, it’ll keep you dry. Do a whip round and get it in someone’s car, it is a worthy investment.


Now this, this will save your life. One member of the group must be elected to buy and bring a trolly. One with proper tyres, ideally. This will make the journey from the cars to the campsite much less stressful, as well as the trips from the local supermarket back to the campsite. Crates of booze are heavier than they look.

Other things to note: 

A portable phone charger will be a godsend. But be aware of unofficial battery powered chargers that may not be compatible with your mobile. Alternatively, if you own a phone with a replaceable battery, take loads of spare batteries.

Wet wipes are the most versatile, useful toiletry that you can bring. With limited access to running tap water, they are an effective substitute for washing your hands, face and everywhere else. Of course, if you can, get to a shower before day three. For the good of yourself and everyone around you.

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