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02nd Sep 2015

The Top 10 companies people want to leave and the Top 10 they’d love to join


Know anyone that works in these companies?

If you’re like us then we’d imagine that your parents still find it strange that you or your siblings frequently change jobs, but that’s the nature of modern employment and business.

People don’t stay in the same job for decades on end because there are always new challenges, experiences and opportunities around the corner.

Oh yeah, some extra money will always be appreciated too.

UK-based recruitment agency Escape the City have more than 200,000 professionals registered for their service and they recently conducted a survey to discover which companies are the most and least popular with their members.

Leave Companies

Perhaps unsurprisingly, considering the name ‘Escape the City’, the list is dominated by financial organisations.

But here are the companies the people surveyed were most keen to work for.

Desirable Companies