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24th Dec 2016

The three topics people say are turn-offs on dating apps

So *that's* what we've been doing wrong.

Megan Roantree

When it comes to dating apps it’s very hard to know what’s right and what’s wrong when chatting to someone new.

There are numerous ‘experts’ who have given tips on what to say and the best way to get a date. For example some experts claim there a four specific types of photos that you need on your page to get matches.

But dating app Hinge researched the biggest turn offs within conversations to determine what should be said during the all important first online conversation.

Rather than asking an expert, they used data from their users to find three topics that you should avoid while chatting online- some of which, surprised us.


Of course you need to talk a bit about yourself but cockiness and too much talk about yourself doesn’t bode well. Hinge found that self-indulgence led to a 53 % decrease in interest and conversations, making this the biggest negative topic of all.

Hinting about dates

This one surprised us, while it seems like gearing towards a date would be the correct thing to do when you’re, you know, on a dating site. It turns out that over-eagerness actually turns people off. Chatting about a movie they’d like to see or a bar or restaurant they like decreased their chances by 46%.

Family dynamics

Again, this one confused us a little. While it seems normal to talk about siblings or parents when you’re getting to know someone, perhaps doing it during the first conversation is too soon. When people brought up their family, there was a 44% loss in interest.

So while we understand over-self-promotion is never a big winner, hinting about going on a date and talking about your family is statistically not the way to go.