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22nd May 2015

The Rock officiates his friend’s surprise wedding (Video)…


Imagine turning up to what you thought was a film promotion with The Rock, only to find him wearing a wedding suit with your family all gathered to watch you marry your girlfriend.

That’s what happened to Nick Mundy, co-star of Comedy Central’s Nothing to Report and a long-time friend of The Rock, who was given the shock of his life by the WWE Superstar.

Mundy was supposed to get married in September, but his fiancée Dilara Karabas didn’t want to wait that long so planned the surprise ceremony.

“I am officially ordained by the state of California,” The Rock announces to Mundy as he tries to work out what’s happening. “Yeah, I go all out, because you’re my bestie.”

We bet Mundy wishes he hadn’t worn those trousers…