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02nd May 2016

The Rich Parents of Instagram account will make you sick

There is such a thing as too much money

Ellen Tannam

There’s nothing more irritating than ostentatious displays of wealth.

These kinds of boastful shenanigans are rife on social media – from celebrities and athletes, to anonymous Instagram accounts.

One such account is the infamous Rich Kids of Instagram, which displays these tone-deaf brats in all their disgustingly wealthy glory.


Now there’s another version of the same thing, but it’s actually the parents of the rich kids this time.

It would make sense that they have their own account as they’re the ones who bankroll their kids’ lifestyle –  and their spending on cars, watches and jewellery is actually nuts.

Let’s just assume – or hope – that it’s all satire, but have a look anyway:

Be warned, there’s a lot of referring to people with less money than them as “peasants”, so be warned if you’re easily angered.