The reason why all Walkers Crisps go out of date on a Saturday is so simple 2 years ago

The reason why all Walkers Crisps go out of date on a Saturday is so simple

Did you know every single pack of Walkers Crisps on the planet goes out of date on a Saturday?

If you don't believe us, go and check. Check every packet in the house. Go and look at the ones in the shop down the road if you don't believe us. See?

It's a mystery that's clearly been plaguing crisp fans (and people with far too much too much time on their hands) for many years now.

There's even a Facebook page dedicated to it, called 'ALL Crisps Go Out Of Date On A Saturday, FACT'.

Most people probably haven't even given it a second though, but there are obviously some people out there all too aware of the whole Saturday sell-by-date thing and it's probably doing their heads in.

But for anyone thinking there's some creepy conspiracy theory behind it, the answer is in fact much more straight-forward and mundane, according to the Daily Mail.

There's not some weird ingredient in there that only perishes on the first day of the weekend and they're not all made on a Saturday either.

It's all down to the Leicester crisp-maker's production processes.

The answer is actually on the company's website in the Frequently Asked Questions section - so it's clearly been bothering a lot of people.

So, to stop any more people ringing up, writing in and turning up at the factory gates demanding answers, they've revealed the not-so-secret secret as to why at BBE dates are on a Saturday.

Their production week starts on a Sunday - which means that every crisp packet produced in that week will have a best before date on a Saturday.

They gave this rather succinct explanation...


We'll sleep sound in our beds tonight now that we're not thinking about it anymore. Thanks, Walkers.

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