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13th Apr 2017

The original reason behind the best man at a wedding is very odd

Laura Holland

Important information for any best men out there.

These days the best man at a wedding has some common duties. Organise the stag, give a speech and be on hand for the groom if he needs him.

But, did you know, that the earlier tradition is very very creepy.

Back in the day, a best man wasn’t chosen by how close he was to the groom. Instead, the best swordsman in the village was picked to be the best man.

His duty was to make sure the bride didn’t do a runner and also to stand guard outside the bride and groom’s room on the night of the wedding while they consummate the marriage.

See, creepy!

According to History Weddingthe tradition dates back to the 16th century when the best man was there to protect the newlyweds from anyone attacking and also to make sure the bride didn’t get away.

In some instances a bride would be kidnapped from a neighbouring village and made marry a complete stranger, so the best man was called upon to make sure no one stopped it.

There you have it, if you happen to be a best man at an upcoming wedding, don’t forget your sword.

We’re kidding of course. You don’t need a sword to get a handle on things.

If you show up with a blade, it’s very likely that you’ll get daggers from the bride and groom.